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NEW: Old Enough to Know Better
(October 2010)

"With the book deadline approaching I decided I would record a new album and use a lot of the songs I had written in 1973 and 1974 to form the basis of the record. I was also given 2 tracks on 24 track tape that were recorded at Abbey Road with Elton singing backing vocals. I remixed the tracks adding my latest voice. I then wrote 6 new songs from this side of being 50.

The first album I recorded in 1974 was never released because my voice broke just at the wrong time. It was supposed to be called ‘Old Enough to Know Better’ Ironically that title works just as well now as it did back then!"

1 Some of the Things sound icon
2 Everything I’ve Got
3 If I Wasn’t There (Featuring Elton John) sound icon
4 When you’re away
5 I Don’t Know How to say goodbye
6 Don’t Say you Love Me
7 Would You Dance
8 When I Call Out
9 How It Hurts (Featuring Elton John)
10 Ghost train
11 Holding You
12 You Can Do it
13 A Child’s Prayer
14 Best is yet to Come

All songs written by Mal Pope © MCPS



Bits and Pieces
Compilation: May 2010

A new compilation CD featuring 14 tracks from past albums and 2 brand new recordings of Mal Pope songs featured on Songs of Praise.

1 Cappuccino Girls (You Never Threw a Party for Me)
2 Golden Days (Golden Days)
3 Dream Out Loud (Dream Out Loud)
4 Astounding (Lucky Man)
5 The Ring (The Ring)
6 Cover Me (Copper Kingdom)
7 Copper Kingdom (Live Back on the Road)
8 My God is Mighty (Reunion of the Heart)
9 If I Wasn’t There - Single Ft Elton John)
10 Amy (Love Will Find A Way)
11 The Leaving Kind - Single
12 Crossroads (Mumbles to Memphis)
13 Warm Wind (Why Me)
14 All through the Night ( Land of My Children)
Bonus Tracks
15 Let Your Spirit Come
16 Take My Life


Lucky Man CD Cover




New Album - Lucky Man
September 2007

Mal says: "On Saturday 26th May 2007, I came off stage from the final performance of the musical ‘Contender’ and set myself the task of making a brand new Cd from scratch, writing a song a day for 2 weeks. I did take the occasional day off to work on other projects but in essence within 3 weeks the songs were written. This was always going to be a special, personal album for me as I charted a relationship that has officially lasted 25 years but which in reality has been there most of my life. With that in mind I also decided that this time around I would play and sing everything myself.

I don’t think I’ve ever so much fun writing and recording an album as each song brought back a different set of memories. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with a title for an album that sums up the whole collection of songs in a word or a phrase. This time it was easy.
‘As I look back on this life, I know I’ve been a lucky man’
I really hope you enjoy it."

Clips from the album 'Lucky Man': (MP3)

1. Sweetness (Clip) sound icon
2. Astounding (Full Track) sound icon
3 San Hilaire
4. Lucky Man (Clip) sound icon

5 Candle in The Dark
6 We Got By
7 As Much As I Do
8 Best Days of My Life
9 One Heart
10 Tears on Sunday Night
11 By Your Side
12 West Wind
13 Do Not Go Gently


You Never THrew a Party for Me

Autumn 2005
You Never Threw a Party For Me

'You Never Threw a Party for Me' is now available to buy online. Below is a track selection from this album covering the whole breadth of Mal's writing styles and including the title track, written at the 11th hour for the musical 'Amazing Grace'. For more info on this album see 'news'.

1 Yes I Love You sound icon
(Low Band Width Version)
2 Cappuccino Girls sound icon
(Low Band Width Version)
3 Breakdown
4 Be My Baby Tonight
5 Something Better Comes Aroundsound icon
(Low Band Width Version)
6 Sleeping with the lights On
7 Baggage
8 Yes
9 King For a Day
10 When My Ship Comes In
11 You Never Threw a Party For Mesound icon
(Low Band Width Version)
12 Jealousy
13 The Main Event


Recent Releases

Why Me ? Mal Pope 2004

WHY ME? - 2004

Solo album featuring songs from the new musical 'Amazing Grace' based on the story of the Welsh Revival.

1 Titanic Overture sound icon
2 Wheels Go Round
3 Why Me sound icon
4 See Me As A Woman
5 Always a Man Like You
6 Mining Disaster
7 It’s A Story
8 You Frighten Me
9 Raise the Flag
10 Speak Silence sound icon
11 The Right Thing
12 I Like Sundays
13 Evans Theme
14 Warm Wind sound icon

Back On The Road

Back on the Road - Feb 2004

Over the past 10 years Mal Pope and his band the Jacks have built up quite a reputation for the their live shows. Mal has played everywhere from the London Palladium to the House of Commons, he’s toured Europe with Art Garfunkel and Belinda Carlisle and is now a regular visitor to the USA. After playing at his 40th birthday broadcaster Simon Mayo declared to his Radio 1 audience that Mal Pope and the Jacks were the ‘Band of the Century’. Mal’s latest album ‘Back on the Road’ now gives you the chance to hear what all the talk is about. Recorded live at the Swansea Grand Theatre on their sell out Spring 2003 ‘Dream Out Loud’ tour, this double album covers the whole of the band’s career. From the solo acoustic songs to some of the party hits that has seen the boys play at some of the biggest celebrity gatherings in the country. This double CD really does give a flavour of what it’s like to be in the front row of a Mal Pope and The Jacks concert.

1 Copper Kingdom
2 Couldn’t Love Me
3 Dream out Loud
4 Heaven’s Sound
5 Dancing in Little
6 The Ring
7 Dreaming of Heaven
8 The Kiss
9 Cover Me
10 Light and Life
1 Breathe sound icon
2 Please let it be me
3 Calon Lan
4 Mr Maybe
5 One in Million
6 Celia
7 Golden days
8 Your Words
9 Lose it All
10 Bread of Heaven
11 Saw Her Standing there
12 Mustang Sally
13 Honky Tonk Woman sound icon

Not so recent releases...

Land of my Children

Land of My Children

Mal Pope had grown up with Welsh Hymns ringing in his ears. Every Sunday morning the little Gospel Hall his parents took him too would be filled with people singing unaccompanied and in full 4 part harmony. Even as a young child it was natural for Mal to find his own note and join in. In 1999 Mal decided to return to his musical roots and try to sing those songs he had grown up with in the kight of the musical road he had travelled. 'Calon Lan' and 'Bread of Heaven' were staple songs from his concert performances and choosing another 12 songs to re-interpret became a labour of love. From 'All through the Night' to 'Gwahoddiad', from 'Crugybar' to 'Tydi A Rhoddaist', Mal has taken the songs of the fathers and given them back to the children.

City Of Refuge
All Through the Night sound icon
Dreaming of Heaven
Cwm Rhondda
I Can Hear Your Voice
Believe in Me
Speak to My Heart
Land of my Children
I Believe
Calon Lan /What a Friend


Reunion of the Heart

Reunion of the Heart

This is the first solo 'Gospel' album Mal has recorded. The title track has become something of a classic having been recorded by Sir Cliff Richard, The Hollies and Phil and John. Mal went into the studio with his band the Jacks and simply played the songs altogether in the same room. Songs like 'God is Love' raise questions many think shouldn't be raised others like 'My God is Mighty' is a tribute to the likes of Andrae Crouch who so influenced Mal as he was growing up. One of the highlights is a duet with Martyn Joseph of the old Malcolm and Alwyn hit 'Fool's Wisdom'. Some of the songs were co-written with Nia Jones and one was given to Mal by Stuart Townend.

God is Love
What a Friend/Calon Lan
Reunion of the Heart sound icon
Fool's Wisdom (With Martyn Joseph)
Tell Me sound icon


Golden Days - Album

Golden Days

Once Mal had got back together with his old band members Andy Coughlan (bass) and Tony Kiley (drums) it was inevitable that every time the boys came back home to Swansea from London they would go into the studio to record. This album is an 18 track compilation of these sessions. Some of these tracks were issued on singles or featured on television programmes but this is the first time many have seen the light of day. 'Golden Days' is the original version which was championed by 'Bob Harris on Radio 1. 'Alibi' and 'take her Out Dancing' were also regular radio songs during the early 1990's. Stand out tracks are 'Darling' and 'Altar Boy'. A must for fans of the original Mal Pope and the Jacks.

Take Her Dancing sound icon
Play Our Part
Years Roll On
If This Don't Last
Best Years of Her Life
Golden Days sound icon

Dream Out Loud

Dream Out Loud - Spring 2003

Mal Pope and the Jacks took to the road last year with the latest studio album 'Dream Out Loud' which is available to order here. The album took nearly 10 months to write and record and after writing over 40 new songs Mal has whittled them down to the best collection of songs he has ever released. The album features The Jacks at their very best. Inspirational.

1 Breathe sound icon
2 Your Words
3 Mr Maybe sound icon
4 One in A Million
5 Couldn't Love Me More
6 Dream Out Loud sound icon
7 Light and Life
8 Getting Used to living without you
9 The Kiss
10 Lose it All
11 Please let it be me
12 Sad Eyes


Mumbles to Memphis

Mumbles to Memphis - 2000 sound icon

In June of 2000, Mal made a pilgrimage to The Deep South of the USA in search of the roots of Black Gospel Music. From Memphis down through the Mississippi Delta, Mal charted his journey by writing songs to mark his footsteps. Along the way he went to Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley and met Rev Samuel Billy Kyles, the legendary civil rights leader who had cradled Dr Martin Luther King Jr as he lay dying. On his return home Mal went into the studio on his own to record that journey. He also recorded some of his most personal songs to date. 'Standing at the Crossroads' written on the eve of his 35th birthday, 'Dancing in Little Moscow' about life in the Rhondda Valley and possibly his finest song to date 'Guard Your Heart'. A stripped back, acoustic album.

1 Guard Your Heart sound icon
2 Another Man's Shoes
3 Golden Days
4 Dancing in Little Moscow
5 Come So Far
6 Crossroads sound icon
7 Secret Smile
8 Heaven's Sound
9 The Dream's Alive
10 Nantucket Island
11 I Wish I was a Tree
12 Mumbles to Memphis


The Ring

The Ring - 2002

The CD features 14 brand new songs and includes the heart-rending duet 'Tables Turn' with Bonnie Tyler and a brand new rocker co-written and sung with Martyn Joseph. Recorded during the summer of 2001 at Mal's brand new studio in the Mumbles this is Mal really pushing his musical boundaries. There are influences on the recording from all over the world. There's the African flavour of 'Shooting Stars', and a trip to the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Mississippi led to the song 'Queen of Tupelo'. A bunch of flowers at the side of a road in Mid Wales has Mal considering some of life' s deepest questions whilst the appearance of Woody Allen on a TV programme seems to have touched a bit of a nerve. Add to that the discovery of a diary from 1920, which unlocked some family secrets, the Bells of a South American Mission Station and the story of Zerubabel and you have some of the ingredients that go together to make up 'The Ring'

1 The Long Run
2 Shooting Stars
3 Flowers
4 Gladys May
5 Holy
6 The Ring sound icon
7 Bells of Santiago
8 Tables Turn (Duet With Bonnie Tyler) sound icon
9 Changes
10 My Big Mistake
11 Queen of Tupelo
12 Get Me Through Tonight
13 Woody Allen (Duet with Martyn Joseph)
14 If I Were You



Copper Kingdom

Copper Kingdom

In 1995 Mal was asked to write a musical for the UK's Year of Literature. It was premiered at the Grand Theatre Swansea and featured the Jacks as house band and occasional actors! This album is result of that event. The opening track 'Cover Me' was playlisted on BBC Radio 2 and has gone on to be a firm favourite in concert. Other stand out tracks are the haunting 'Please don't go' and the rocking 'Waiting for the Heartaches'.

Cover Me
Fire and Ice
Please Don't Go
Listen To Me
Copper Kingdom sound icon
You Don't Own Me
You Were a Friend of Mine


Love Will Find A Way

Love Will find a Way

This is the first album Mal made since leaving Elton John and Rocket Records. When HTV Wales asked Mal to make an Easter special in 1990 the first thing he did was phone the 2 guys who had been in the first Mal Pope Band to ask them to come home to Swansea and record a record. This does feature early versions of 'Reunion of the Heart' and 'Cover Me' but also contains some real classics like 'Higher than a Mountain' which went on to become the theme music to the BAFTA award winning TV Series 'The Mal Pope Show' and 'Say' a heart breaking rock song.

Cover Me
Reunion of the Heart
Love Will Find a Way
This is It
Land Fit for Heroes



The Leaving Kind

The Leaving Kind

The last single form Mal Pope and the Jacks'. This single showcased the new sound of the band. It also features 'Heaven's Sound' and 'Come so Far' from the album Mumbles to Memphis.

Golden Days - The Single

Golden Days
Featuring Elton John

21st Century Remix (Featuring Elton John). The band as they should sound. Rocking, edgy with a great song at its heart. Also features 2 tracks with Elton John on backing vocals. Originally recorded in Abbey Road in 1977 these new versions sound as new as anything out there with soaring strings and Elton's voice complimented by the new Mal Pope vocal and bass from Andy Coughlan. Playlisted on BBC Radio 2 this record really opened the doors for Mal Pope and the Jacks worldwide.

If I Wasn't There (Featuring Elton John) sound icon

Bread of Heaven

Bread of Heaven

This classic old Welsh Hymn tune has become the alternative Welsh National Anthem. When Mal recorded his new album version for 'Land of My Children' some club DJ's in Cardiff started playing it. They came back to Mal and said its going down really well how about a club remix. With tongue firmly in cheek but with a desire to keep the integrity of the original words and meaning Mal went into the studio with Tim Hamill and Nigel Hopkins and this is the result a modern Welsh classic. Also featured are the album version and a backing track version to sing-along-a-mal!





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