2014 - Jack to a King - Film Project

Jack to a King Poster

Details of the new film charting the history of Swansea FC's rise to the Premier League can be found at the 'Jack to a King' web site. Mal is an Executive Producer for the film which he describes as "a truly remarkable story of how a 'rag tag' band of builders, housewives, teachers and travel agents came together to save their football club and ended up turning their city into a worldwide brand!"


Mal Pope reads Tommy Farr biography

'Cappuccino Girls'

Mal's latest musical project has grown out of the popularity of the track 'Cappuccino Girls', first featured on the album 'You Never Threw a Party for Me'. The track depicts the urban coffee scene in 'any city, anywhere' and the characters of three women who meet for coffee and mutual support. After proving popular with radio listeners a single and a video were produced. As interest grew, Mal developed ths concept into a new musical which opened for a short run at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse in February 2009 to 5 star reviews and acclaim from local press. A tour of venues in Wales follows later in 2009.

In Summer of 2009 Bonnie Tyler recorded a stunning new version of the title track, included as part of an album project of highlights of the whole show.

This show reveals real musical versitility and tackles some tough, contemporary issues of modern family life with intelligence, sensitivity and fun.

To follow its progress, read the synopsis and listen to previews, visit the Cappuccino Girls site.








A new musical still under development, based on the life of boxer Tommy Farr. An album of songs from the show has now been released and a full stage show will premiere in the spring of 2007. See the Contender minisite for details.


Tommy FarrContender

From the boxing booths of the Rhondda to a World Title fight against Joe Louis at Yankee Stadium. This is the rags to riches story of one of the bravest men to enter the ring. After making his fortune in America, the war and a series of personal tragedies left him penniless. With a young family and mounting debts there is only one way out. It's the only thing he knows. At the age of 37 he only has one option, to get back into the ring....


'Amazing Grace'

A musical based on the events surrounding the 1904-5 Welsh Religious Revival.

Premiered Spring 2005.Returned to theatres in a brand new production in Autumn 2006. See website archive for details

Evan Roberts Amazing Grace

In 2003 Mal Pope started thinking about the centenary of the 1904 Welsh Revival and the more he read around the subject the more he became convinced that the story could be the basis of a concept album and also a piece of musical theatre for the stage. The central character is a 26 year old ex miner called Evan Roberts who claimed to have spoken face to face with the Almighty in his little bedroom in Loughor, just on the outskirts of Swansea. He also told people he had seen a cheque being handed over which bore the sum of 100,000 souls. Many dismissed these as the ramblings of a troubled mind but within 18 months the Western Mail had calculated that more than 100,000 souls had indeed been added to the church. The strain proved too much for Evan and he sadly left Wales and the Revival to become a recluse.


Hills Scene